Dry Powdered Products are Commonly Exported in:

25/50 Kg HDPE Laminated paper bags with inside poly liner (standard packing for exports)

25/50 Kg Multi Layered wall paper bags with inside poly liner.

650/1000 Kg  Packed in HDPE polywoven bags (jumbo bags)

Container Stuffing and Shipment:
Capacity of each BagProduct Description1x20' FCL (Palletized)1x20' FCL (no Pallets)
25Kg Net Brown multiwall 4 ply paper bag inside liner or in brown Hdpe laminated paper bag with insider liner 18 M/tons 20 M / tons
25Kg Net White multiwall single ply paper bag with inside liner or in white hdpe laminated paper bag with inside liner. 18 M/tons 20 M / tons
50Kg Net White/ brown hdpe laminated paper bag with inside Liner/Chemtotal's standard packing 18 M/tons 20 M / tons
500Kg Net Jumbo Bag (Hdpe Woven Bag) 18 M/tons 20 M / tons
600Kg Net Jumbo Bag (Hdpe Woven Bag) 19 M/tons 19 M/ tons
1000Kg Net Jumbo Bag (Hdpe Woven Bag) 19.400 M/tons 20 M/ tons

25 Kg Bag                           600 Kg Bag                           Palletized Products in 25 Kg Bags

*Guar Gum is usually shipped in 20 Feet Container. Loading limit for Guar Gum powder depends on various factors. Contact us for more information.
Acidic Liquid Products Packed and Transported in :
Package: The product is filled in plastic/Metal Containers. 
Standard: 40L/drum, 95L/ Metal Drum.
Transporting and storing: 
The product are kept from water and wetness when transporting and storing and Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, cool and dry place.
Packing Facilities:
Stuffing of containers and sealing is being done under strict supervision, since
thisis very critical point. The bags/drums have to remain in the container anywhere between 20 to 45 days till it reaches the destination and have to sail through various  climatic conditions. so, proper care is taken in selection of container and stuffing of the bags so that clients receive the goods in factory in fresh condition.
The Lot Number, Batch Number, Month of Manufacturing, Expiry date etc. are marked on each and every bag/drum.

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