Company History 

The journey of Chemtotal, an organization that remains completely committed to its mission and purpose, has been an immensely fruitful one thus far. The company officially commenced business operations four years back in 2008. And, these valuable inception years have been duly utilized for establishing its brand identity as one of the most prominent chemical providers to the wholesale market. Chemtotal has also strived and succeeded in complete diversification of its product range over these years. As a result, it has been able to cater to a humungous cross section of customers spanning through hordes of industry segments, marking its all pervading presence in a mammoth way. It is a completely well established corporate entity in the chemical wholesale supplier markets today. It has also been duly approved by the export bureau.

The core business of Chemtotal comprises of organic and non organic gelling compounds as well as Rheology controllers utilized in soil erosion, waste  management & remediation services, well stimulation, fuel briquetting, food processing, cementing, drilling fluids and ore processing. Our most impressive product line comprises of Tamarind Gum, Guar and its derivatives, Crosslinkers, Bentonite, Gel breakers, Mica, Calcite.

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